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Beverly is a pleasure to work with. Her editing work is professional, accurate, timely, and clear. She respectfully retains the author’s own style while making technical corrections and valuable suggestions. I will certainly look forward to working with her again, and I recommend her highly.

burn_blackcover_revised (1)

As a former editor myself, I often smiled at Beverly Ehrman’s gentle, subtle edits and suggestions that invariably improved the narrative and pacing. She has uncanny insight into when a transition is too abrupt, what’s needed (and what is extraneous) to maintain rhythm and flow. She truly understands the difference between editing and rewriting.

Mel Laytner   

WHAT THEY DIDN’T BURN is an “Amazon #1 Best Seller” in seven categories.


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In my search for a solid fiction editor, I clicked through dozens of online profiles and had the good fortune to discover and contact Beverly Ehrman. Beverly provided me with a sample edit, and after reviewing the first few pages of her edits and comments, I realized that I was dealing with a rare, and exceptional talent. A literary Houdini, Beverly made my manuscript sparkle. She’s a technical giant, but beyond the parameters of the Chicago Manual of Style, or any other reference book, what Beverly brings to the table is immeasurable. This is a passionate editor with incredible insights into the human condition, something that only comes from years of life experience. A consummate professional, Beverly’s work is meticulous, thoughtful, and remarkably focused. I sent Bev a precious gemstone and she turned it into the Hope Diamond.

As a rule, I generally don’t offer advice to strangers, but if you’re looking for an unforgettable editing experience, by all means, please contact Beverly Ehrman—YESTERDAY.

John Califano


I have written and published three books in the last eighteen months, and to say Beverly Ehrman made the challenging work of editing easy, is an understatement. After my initial feeling of being in over my head, with the first book, I eased into a student-teacher role that helped me grow, not only in my editing skills but also as a writer. I love to learn, and Beverly loves to teach, that alone made us a great match. Three books in, I can’t imagine my work without Beverly’s eye for detail and compassionate care of my manuscript; before allowing it to go to press. I am beyond grateful for having found Beverly to guide me through the editing process for my books.

Ellie Atherton
More Srepping-Stones
When I finished writing my second book, I couldn’t wait to dive into the final edits with Beverly Ehrman. It was so deeply satisfying and enjoyable to work with an editor of her caliber. I feel deep gratitude for her tender care, once again, for the contents of my book.
Ellie Athertonindex

I can’t begin to explain all I learned from Beverly Ehrman while working with her on my first book. She was like a masterful detective making sure the minute details matched up throughout the stories, that the word choices reflected my message, and that each story was concise. She made suggestions but always encouraged me to make the choices that felt comfortable to me. Our collaboration in this way gave nuance and flow to the stories that dramatically enhanced them. Her guidance and mentoring allowed me to grow in awareness of the essential aspects of being a writer and reading the words from my readers’ perspective. I appreciated that we could use humor at times to break up the serious work of editing. I am so proud of what we accomplished together, and I look forward to our future collaboration.

Ellie Atherton

41L3retLGVL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I always think it’s important to thank people who have served you well. Beverly Ehrman has been one of those people for me in my author journey. With her editing skills, she took my manuscript and changed all the necessary grammar without taking away my voice. So many of my English teachers misunderstood what I was trying to say, because they were listening with their own voice. A second edit, by a different editor, convinced me that Beverly is the editor for me. I’m quite sure that my book is better for her guidance. And I’m quite sure that she will be correcting me again (especially, for “that versus which”) on my next book.

Monica E. Young

marble-on-a-table-cover-thumbnail@600x960Beverly edited this manuscript three times over ten years. I was grateful for Beverly’s attention to detail as plot elements, characters, and entire themes came and went. Beverly caught grammar errors, but she also questioned a story element when it seemed curious and flagged dialogue whenever characters sounded too much alike. Over the years, I appreciated Beverly’s support. I always felt she got what I was trying to do, even when I hadn’t yet shown it on the page.

Eugene Havens

thumbnailBeverly Ehrman is an editor extraordinaire. She can take what you meant to say in a sentence, reframe it, and make it hit the target. Amazing attention to detail—she can spot a grammar error a mile away. Prompt follow-up to all concerns and questions. A real treasure.

Ann O’Leary

51y7Yimrq3L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ Who Killed Sam Casey? is the third book we’ve worked on together and, once again, it has been a pleasure to work with you. Your comments, always constructive and diplomatic, either help me find a better phrase or word, or point out an inconsistency many pages apart. Each time we’ve worked together I’ve been impressed and appreciative at how closely you follow both the story and each sentence.

Thanks very much.                                                                                                                  Mitchell


Beverly was such a pleasure to work with. She has really homed in on the balance of editing an author’s words without changing their story. I will continue to use her services for my future books and rave about her to any other authors that come my way.
Chelsie Liberati


How do I put into words the “wonderfulness” of Beverly? I had the pleasure of working with her a few years ago on my debut adult fiction novel. Back then, she kicked my writing rear end—in a good way! She improved my skills and made me a better version of myself. So, when I wrote my first children’s book, I relied on the tools Beverly gave me previously and felt a more confident writer. As before, Beverly is always spot on with her edits and canniness to read my manuscript through the readers’ eyes. She enhanced my story without taking away the voice, heart, or character of the book. As I once told Beverly, she is my Fairy Godmother, Jiminy Cricket, and voice of reason all rolled into one!      Emily Held

EstablishTo Beverly Ehrman, the best editor a girl could have. You deserve a medal! I believe you read my manuscript more times than I did. Without you, Beverly, I’d still be fighting the Insecurity Beast, standing in the forest completely missing the trees, putting punctuation where it did not go, and overusing the same word. You lifted me up when I was down, encouraged me to make my book the best it could be (even if that meant rewriting chapter one for the umpteenth time), and gave me tough love when I needed it. Thank you for your incredible patience, for brushing me up on Grammar 101, and most importantly, taking my manuscript and turning it into something better than I could ever imagine. You gave me the tools I needed to finish the journey.

Emily HeidBook cover

Gold Medal award winner for Memoir (Grief/Hardship) from Reader’s Favorite.

Hiring Beverly as my editor was the BEST decision I made after writing my first book. She was thorough yet gentle in delivering critique and suggestions. She worked hard to preserve my voice while bringing my writing to the next level. I always felt heard and supported when working with Beverly, and am looking forward to working with her again when I’m finished with book two!

Sparrow Spaulding, author of Riding Standing Up


To my editor, Beverly Ehrman, my greatest appreciation for your editing expertise, magic  touch and encouragement, again the second time around.  D.M. Hamblin

The ExileThere is no question in my mind that my novel The Exile would never have succeeded without Beverly Ehrman’s brilliant editing. Her dedication to detail and respect for the integrity of the work is every writer’s dream come true.       Marsha Temlock

Wonder and Beauty

To my editor Beverly Ehrman. I knew in the first few minutes of speaking with you that I had not only met the right editor, but a sage. I wasn’t about to shelve this book, and because of you I knew that would never happen. Thank you for your earnest nature and your steady hand. This project meant more to me than any undertaking I’ve done and you knew that. You delivered more than what you promised and at record speed. Thank you for taking my story and polishing it to a beautiful finish. You are what every writer dreams of and much more. What an honor and joy to have worked with you.

Acknowledgement in Wonder and Beauty: My Journey from Heartbreak to Healing through the Wonder of Horses, by Charla Miller


I finally did it and I have Beverly Ehrman to thank for her expertise and professionalism. During my vetting process, I compared all of the sample edits and Beverly was no doubt the person I needed to take my writing to the next level. Even after my story published Beverly has continued to support me and offer advice that I am beyond grateful for. Thank you Beverly for taking me on as a client and I look forward to working with you on future projects.    Tiffany

OnceBroken_V5-1Once Broken is on the list of Best Self-Published Books of 2016 published on Huffington Post. Once Broken received the 2018 Best Women’s Fiction Award from N.N. Lights Book Heaven.

To my editor, Beverly Ehrman, my greatest appreciation for your expertise, magic touch, and encouragement.  Denise

Financial Freedom


It was a pleasure to work with Beverly. Conveying my non-fiction material through a fictional story was no small task. Beverly provided thoughtful ideas to fill in the story’s gaps and help with topic transitions. As a new author, I could not have found a better partner.

Dora DeLellis

 Bits and Peaces

I’ve addressed all your edits of my short stories, and nearly all your comments. I appreciated your input, guidance, and attention to detail. Some of your points are real learning experiences.

Chasmhi, and thank you thank you thank you!! i love your work and notes on this. you are so spot-on. i am accepting all your changes then will republish and be done with this. thanks again for the awesome help. you did great. mjg

Maia & IcarusI published the book! It’s available as an e-book for now… I hope to publish it in paperback this summer. I am so appreciative of everything you did to make this a reality. I will certainly keep in touch… I have the sequel all worked out in outline form and hope to work on it in earnest this summer — and then pass it on to you! Thank you again for all of your help!

IndoctrinationI was fortunate to work with Beverly as she helped me tighten up my verbiage, increase tension throughout my book, and add a level consistency throughout my novel that only a great editor could provide. I am in a position, after working and learning much from Beverly, to submit my novel to editors or self-publish (tough market out there) with confidence. Beverly is an all around honest, excellent, insightful, and a consummate professional.    Daniel J. Fox, Ph.D.

On the Other Guy's DimeI used to believe I was a good writer, perhaps even an excellent one, and I have authored a number of well-received texts. Therefore, I was initially skeptical about the difference a professional editor could make. Well, let’s just say I was wrong. I was completely “blown away” by the difference Bev’s revisions made in my writing and thoroughly impressed by the quality of the final product. The manuscript went from being simply interesting and correct to what I would call “literary”–far more enjoyable and pleasurable to read. With the receipt of each new chapter I would find Bev to have an uncanny ability to reshape words and sentences to improve one’s writing, no matter how good the initial effort.                                  G. Michael Schneider

Beyond the AttractionsJust a quick note to thank you for all your help. I’m thrilled by how the quality and professionalism of my book has increased as a direct result of your editing. You’ve provided the whole package – editing, content suggestions, formatting ideas, education on styles, and more. Best of all, you’ve been so easy to work with and as a software engineer with a mathematics degree, I never felt intimidated or ashamed by my lack of an “English” background; you’ve always put me at ease. You also answered my questions very, very quickly. I definitely made the right choice in selecting you to edit my book.
Many, many thanks,

Arresting GraceThanks so much for your awesome work and encouragement, as well as being so conscientious of my budget. I really appreciate that. Sometimes my ideas and goals write checks that my means can’t cash. I must have read your comments 30 times last night. It brought me much joy.

The sheep Rise UpThanks very much for your thoughts. I’d also like to say that I definitely made the right choice when I picked you as editor. The process took me approximately two months, going from website to website, not satisfied with anybody with whom I’d communicated. Finally, I came to the website at which I found you and several other good candidates. However, your sample edit was the best, and so was your conversation with me.
The hours reflected your estimate, and the quality of your edit work was superb. I’ve never known anyone to read so closely.
It is reaffirming to me that having determination to pick the right person pays off.
Mitchell Graye

Couple Friends@ShawndraRussell Read your Kickstarter project – well done. When I get back in town, I’d like to hear more about editor Beverly Ehrman @KristineOnPause She is awesome! So many editors I found want to do just one type of editing. She does the “total package.”

Field Guide and Activity Book

Many thanks also go to Beverly Ehrman for her talented editing skills, her mastery with words, and her tireless work ethic.

I am so glad to have you as my editor! I love the subtitle. Your comments and suggestions have been very helpful and valuable! I have another book I am trying to get out this spring and will definitely be in contact with you. I can’t thank you enough. Tracie

Volunteer Vacations Across America

Beverly Ehrman’s editorial, research, planning, and writing skills were instrumental in the selling and publication of VOLUNTEER VACATIONS ACROSS AMERICA, awarded the Silver Medal in the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation’s annual Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition.                                                                                                     Sheryl Kayne

Immersion Travel USAEverything I write professionally—proposals, magazine articles, newspaper columns, Web site content, and books—is edited first by Beverly before submission. Her intelligence, talent, and knowledge are evident in everything she does. She is the best editor I have ever worked with and I do not put my byline on anything unless she has edited it first.                                    Sheryl Kayne

Secrets of the Crystal CavernYou have done a FANTASTIC job! I just finished reading and your editing really pulls it all together. Thanks again,
The Story of Edwin NatterThis is awesome! Thanks so much for the edit.
How would you feel about ghostwriting a prequel to Edwin Natter. Kidding. However, it’s pretty impressive how you were able to adopt my tone with this, and how into the character’s mind you were able to go. Your suggestions are really, really good, and I’ll keep them word for word. Excellent stuff.
The plan is to rerelease this abridged version and Edwin Natter in the next two weeks.
Again, thanks. We’re on schedule for the master plan–5 books published this year.                   Soren

Personality Disorders

I am going through the proof for the personality disorder book and the novel is doing well. I have gotten some great feedback and reviews. I contemplate a sequel after some other projects.

Additional Testimonials:

Beverly Ehrman is a writer’s gift, a rare find in this uncertain time of publishing. She is skilled at her craft and, most importantly, maintains a passion for her work. In a very real sense, Beverly became my alter ego helping me find my voice, my focus and my confidence while editing my novel. Together we honed three sample chapters and a synopsis that I am proud to submit to publishers knowing they represent what I am capable of producing — with Beverly by my side.

Marsha A. Temlock  The Exile

The Exile41yinoBMQIL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

Your Child’s Divorce … What to Expect, What You Can Do      A self-help guide to parents of adult children getting divorced.

hiresfooterBeverly Ehrman edited the brochure and other promotional materials for the ongoing project, Hiroshima Gateway to World Peace, which will create a memorial and green space in front of the Hiroshima Central Railway Station. Beverly’s editing skill and her sensitivity brought out the spirit of the project so uniquely and tastefully, inspiring children to think and work to make the world a better place without nuclear weapons. Reliability and promptness come with Beverly Ehrman.
Hiroko Nakamoto, founder and executive director of the Hiroshima Gateway to Peace Project, and author, My Japan 1930-1951, McGraw-Hill.

Beverly Ehrman edited several children’s books for me. The entire process was wonderfully positive thanks to Beverly’s enthusiasm for the manuscripts. She respects the writer’s ideas and edits only what is requested. I am grateful for her input.
Erica Opper, teacher and children’s book author.

As an artist it is sometimes difficult writing about my work. Ideas are very sensitive things. Bev Ehrman has the intelligence and the sensitivity to edit even the most personally creative ideas and give them clarity. She is an editor of the highest standard. I believe she even sets a NEW standard! Thank you Bev for helping me to communicate through words what I thought was only possible through paint!
Elanit Kayne

My jaw dropped when I read my flyer after you did your magic. Thank you! Know that I am smiling from here to California. It is remarkable how the piece now pops.
I am keeping your contact info for my next need for an editor and to be sure I will recommend you to my clients as well. It is a great comfort to know you are out there.
Thank you again!

Thank you very much for your edit. According to your sample edits you are a master of your craft. My English might not be so good, but I most certainly notice what is good editing. You are not scratching a bit here and a bit there just ‘cause it all has to be red, destroying the text in the process (as 20% of the editors do), but you solve issues intelligently and professionally instead. You most certainly did a great job – it is exactly what I would want.

I am deeply indebted to those who helped me refine my vision that is now this book. Beverly Ehrman, a consummate editor filled with replete patience.
John Harrison, author of Indoctrination

The book is all finished and getting good reviews, and I
owe so much of that to you. As I once told you, you are
an artist with a red pen. Thanks for the great work.

“Not only did I just email my editor an hour ago, but she already emailed me back with help. So thankful!”
Tracie Cook@WDWFieldGuide
Author of award-winning curriculum-based travel guides for kids: Walt Disney World Adventure and KidTips
Thank you for doing an exceptional job once again. You are spot-on with your recommendations and they seem so obvious after you point them out but obviously they eluded me! I also agree with your suggestion to discuss making the most out of brief trips and have a note to add it next year. Thank you for all the care you took with my product description. You always hit the mark!

Thank you so much. I have made some final edits and would like you to review the small changes. As always I am guided by your wise judgement and sharp eye.

Marsha Temlock
Listed with Impact Publishers, Inc.
Your Child’s Divorce

In Gratitude

Beverly Ehrman,, for excellence in editing and helping me shape my expanded message in  my second book on Feng Shui.                                                       Lurrae Lupone   BA  Psychology and Elementary Education,  MEd, MA in Counseling and Guidance. CiPP (Certificate in Positive Psychology)

Thanks again for your suggested changes to the manuscript. Your suggestions for the query letter and synopsis look great. I accepted them and haven’t came up with any further changes.  -David

Hi Beverly,

I love your edits and I can absolutely see the value you’d would add to this project!  And, I’ll learn a lot from you at the same time.  Even more fun!

I am compelled to work with you – I love your style and think it would such a fantastic partnership and journey.  Attached is my manuscript.

I’m ecstatic! Thanks!      -Denise

Dear Beverly,

I want to thank you again for your expertise in guiding me through the editing process. Also for your beautifully edited version of my manuscript.

Thank you for being my editor for Wonder and Beauty. I know this is going to open some doors for me and I couldn’t have done it without you.

I love what you did with the spirit, words and heart of my book. Thank you for being a part of this project.
With deepest gratitude,

Beverly —

Thank you kindly for your top-notch work. Always a joy to work with you.

Jayme Feary

Dear Beverly,

I was blown away by your edits! I took your suggestion and read the clean version first and thought, did she change anything? I couldn’t believe how seamless and subtle your edits were. You kept my voice and integrity, yet transformed the text. It read better, it flowed smoother. I loved how you deleted unnecessary details and words that I, the author, didn’t even miss. And the way you reshaped the sentences of dialogue was brilliant. In other words, I would be honored to work with you on this book. I can’t wait to see how the words, the story, evolves under your guiding hand.

I am so excited to be working together and can already say with confidence that this editing experience has been a thousand percent better than my last experience. I love your candor, your openness, and your ability to work with me. Looking forward to the next phase.


Hello Beverly,
I just wanted to let you know that the agent I was in contact with was very impressed with the updated proposal. We have signed a contract to work together on the book! THANK YOU again for all of your terrific work. I’m sure I will be back in touch soon for more assistance. THANKS again -Josh

I have to tell you I am thrilled with your work!  You did an amazing job preserving my writing yet making it readable.  I couldn’t be happier!  Thank you!!!!

Sparrow Spaulding

Thank you also for looking over the blurb. It always amazes me how you take what I write and make it better without changing the meaning. You truly have a gift. I could have worked on that blurb for six months and never come up with your tweaks. I absolutely love your suggestions. I’ve read your version several times and each time find it more and more perfect. Thank you for helping find my final blurb. If someone had told me it’s harder to write 250 word (or less) blurb than it is to write 250 pages, I would have laughed, but boy is it true!

Thank you, Beverly for giving me such insight and wisdom.  Emily

Hi Beverly,

Thanking you for helping me with my book doesn’t seem quite adequate, but I do want to take a moment to do that. Writing that book fulfilled a dream of mine, one of the things in life upon which you can’t hang a price tag.  The feedback I’ve gotten from the book is very heartening— it is 4 1/2 stars with 82 reviews on Amazon. I never would’ve reached that level had it not been for your excellent editing. And due to your editing, I am very proud of my book. You are absolutely amazing, and an enormous amt of credit for my success goes to you.
All my best, Ann

Dear Beverly,

I don’t know what planet you dropped in from, but what you’ve accomplished is not editing. IT’S SHEER MAGIC! If you were a record producer, I swear, you’d be George Martin. Aside from your astounding command of grammar and punctuation, your word choices, observations and insights are spot on, the likes of which can only come from years of both editing and well-seasoned life experience.Thanks again. I’m totally appreciative for the tremendous amount of work and effort you put into my book.  The chapters don’t shine—they sparkle.

Kind regards,

Beverly, thank you so much. 

You have been so very generous with your knowledge and experience. I feel extremely fortunate to have connected with you. Your patience, with what amounts to holding my hand, is monumental—if not downright charitable. With that, I cannot thank you enough for your time and insights.



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